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Guest kangaroo in dxb

Spouse Visa Subclass 309 2nd stage processing

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Guest kangaroo in dxb

I am an Australian Citizen and the sponsor for my husband's spouse visa. We got his 309 visa granted on Feb 2010. We live in Dubai and its from here that we had applied for his Spouse PR. We had actually planned to move to Aus but we are postponing it for now.


I know that around the 2 year mark DIAC will request us to resubmit documents for grant of permanent PR.


I just want to confirm a few things so that we can plan our next move


1. Can we apply for Subclass 100 (Permanent Spouse PR) outside australia ?


2. I was employed until recently and now out of work - since I am his sponsor am I expected to to be working and show pr0of of employment ?


3. We used a migration agent for the first stage - so will DIAC contact them around next year ?


Your inputs will be highly appreciated as we will need to move to Aus if I need to apply from there.



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