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101 visa for child - pay slips when unemployed

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Hi Everyone,

We've got our 17 visa and validated them.

I'm applying for my 7 month old daughters visa shortly so we can all go together.


On the 101 checklist it states that I need to provide pay slips from a current employer or books signed off by an accountant.

Trouble is I have been unemployed for 6 months due to redundancy(well, self employed to pay the bills and avoid claiming off the state) but I don't yet have an accountant and couldn't supply employers pay slips. What should I do?




17/02/09 ACS RPL 2231-79 (Network Security) ¦ 02/05/09 ACS Result ¦ 08/05/09 175 Visa Application(Online) ¦ 29/09/09 Case Officer ¦ 09/10/09 Meds Done¦ 12/09/09 PCC’s Sent ¦ 27/10/09 Meds Finalised ¦ 09/11/09 Visa Granted!

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Bank statements showing your savings if you have been living off them. Tax credit or other benefit notices to show income. Same for your partner. You have to show you can afford to be a sponsor so if you have savings that will be good.

05/09/09 Mailed my 309/100 app 17/09/09 CO 05/10/09 Meds 08/10/09 PCC 09/10/09 Xray, 18/12/09 Extra Medical report recieved by CO 14/01/10 Hep B test, 09/02/10 New CO aggh 18/02/10 309, Baby visa needed now for our move in Sept 2011

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