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Another 2 dead!

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When are people going to learn that doing a full day’s work, loading a car and then driving to your destination is not a safe thing to do?

Tonight I watched 2 helicopters take flight carrying 3 critical ill people, while leaving 2 dead behind, a whole family wiped out just so they could start their long weekend early. What a waste of life R.I.P.

Every night you can see tired people driving somewhere, you see them speed up, slow down, wonder across lanes, leave there high beam on etc, then you see those cars/trucks in ditches where people have wondered too far, and then on nights like tonight body bags laying next to the accident.

In these last 2 weeks, I’ve seen 2 truck rollovers, 1 truck in a ditch, 3 cars in ditches, 2 cars that have ran off the road, needing help and this death! Not to mention all of the wondering cars. That’s just on 1 of our major highways.

Kind Regards


Geoffrey (32, an aussie!!), Tracy (35), Jake (7), Jessica (2) & Joseph (1) :jiggy:

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