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Live Export Ban

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Almost everytime I look at the news I am horrified by the degree of animal cruelty that takes place. This recent thing (although not really recent I know) about how cows and or bulls are being treated when exported to Indonesia. I tend to try and avoid these stories because I find them so upsetting so I must admit I have been kind of ignorant. Then there are the adverts you see on TV about the pigs and how they are treated.


It all just makes me feel horrible.:cry:


Whatever you believe in, if there is a God or not, whatever you believe we are on this planet for, we are not here to treat these or any animals so cruely. Yes we are the top of the food chain but we are intelligent so should be sympathetic and respectful in our ways of killing animals for food.


I am also quite horrified that so many people are thinking it is OK because it is not happening in this country


I quoted this from Yahoo7 news


"We have got to keep that live export trade at all costs, and I think Australia should butt out and stop demanding what other countries do," he told ABC Radio this week.


Charters Towers Mayor Ben Callcott


I have looked through the comments that people put on and this is the feeling of so many. I understand that incomes will be effected but I don't believe we should allow animals to be treated this way. Whether they come from Australia or not!!! I think the world should stand together and put an end to this in every country, and I know it's a bit idealistic but how is it ever necessary to be so cruel? Why do people not feel for the animals?


Anyway I was wondering what others thoughts were.


Also any tips on how to be a good vegetarian if you don't like mushrooms or lentils would be gratefully received??

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