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wa cost of living

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hi just applying for ss with wa could anyone give me a monthy cost of living for a family of 4 thanks:jiggy:

(COOK) AGENT 04/03/11 TRA 02/05/11 TRA PASSED 24/05/11 WA SS LODGED 06/06/11 WA SS 16/06/11 VISA 176 LODGED 17/06/11 DIAC RECEIVED WA SS 26/06/11 CO 14/07/11 MEDICALS 08/08/11 PCC 05/08/2011 FINALISED 11/08/2011 VISA GRANTED 15/08/2011:biggrin:FLYING 28TH JUNE 2012

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Guest The Ropey HOFF

Are you renting? i think $400 to $500 per week is a figure regularly mentioned for a great place, check out the site realestate.com.au its brilliant. The rent includes the rates and you get alot more house for your money. Electric and gas bills seem to be less due to the great weather, petrol is almost half price, but food appears to be a bit dearer and cars are dearer as well. Make sure you get a wage paid roughly at 2.2 dollars to 1 pound which appears to be the average skilled wage and then work out the costs of things based on this figure, the current exchange rate is only used when you are changing your pounds into dollars and remember once in Australia you will be earning dollars and spending dollars, best of luck.

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My friend lives in Adelaide and emailed me this, hope that helps. I went to Perth a couple of years ago and altho rents higher and things like electric and white goods, there is a lot more to do thats free plus wages are usually higher. Cars are quite expensive but they don't rust so are like new even when old. Food, slightly higher but things like chicken, you get a much larger and more tasty portion that our tiny little water fed ones.


rent - 1380 per month

water - 20 p/m ( only pay for water usage )

gas - 50 p/m

electric - 95 p/m

school fees - 250 p/m ( private school / state school is free)

child care fees - 400 p/m (you will get 50% rebate if you are permanent residents)

foxtel/sky - 91 p/m (basic package + sports/ movies)

home contents ins - 34 p/m

car rego - 177 every 3 months ( includes 3rd party insurance)

car insurance fully comprehensive - 44 p/m (cheaper offers available)

internet - 39 p/m ( again cheaper offers available)

groceries - averages about 200 a week for 3 of us

Mobile phone - about 39 each

Landed and loving it!

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Guest RichB

My answer is not very informative by all I can say is very, very expensive....nothing is cheap...even crappy stuff from China such as shoes are extortinate...At least people are shopping online now..Hopefully will shut down the greedy retailers..

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