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176 lodged June 2011 Gang

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Its a funny world, we have just sold up in Yanchep, where are you building?

Donna x




We're building on the new golf estate!

Chef (wife) 176 Lodged 7/6/11 CO assigned 30/06/11 Medicals & PC's Requested 6/07/11 PC's sent 13/07/11 Medicals 26/07/11. completed 25/11/11 (following baby) Submitted 02/12/11 VISA GRANTED 12/12/11!! Flights booked 21/05/12

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Hey all, long time no post !!


Just to let you know it's been a hectic 9 months settling in with a change of job for me after the first 4 months.

Still renting in Lakelands near Mandurah but our house is about to be started in Baldivis and the kids are registered at the school 200m away although they have loved it at Meadow Springs Primary.

Loving it here although the winters are hard in these ridiculous houses with single glazing and no heating, can't wait for summer.

Find myself saying "back in the UK" but never "back home"................Perth is my home now and it's great !

Anybody wants to meet up just drop me a PM :wink:

:yes:So!!! It's bank holiday monday the weather is awful and I've had a sudden pang to catch up with you all!!Had a wee read of the lodged June 2011 thread on Poms in Oz too, Great to see everyone settled and making plans :-)

Life has thrown us a curve ball and we are now considering the move once more, OH business is grim just not making the money he used to but still working 90 hour weeks!!. Our 16 year old has decided to stay on for 6th year so timeline is next june/july,

had the house valued last week which was totally depressing!!! but hey ho, things are moving quick in our area at the mo so we are going to sell,

settle some debt and start sorting our lives out and rent here in scotland so when D day comes we are not held up by a house sale. Would love to hear how you are all getting on, where you settled and what your thoughts are, I'll be picking your brains for the next year!!!



JOHN-CARPENTER 331212 (45) LOUISE (39) KIRSTY (15) PHOEBE (11) VETASSESS PASS CONFIRMED 17/06/11 WA SS LODGED 23/06/11,WA SS APPROVED 24/06/11, 176 LODGED 24/06/11,CO ASSIGNED 26/07/11,MEDS DONE 19/08/11, VISA GRANTED 07/09/11 Validation trip 20/06/12:yes:

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