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Help, traffic scheme nightmare - any advice anyone?

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Can anyone give any advice please. Get prepared for a long post.


There is an ASDA being built approx 1 mile away from us. It is being built in completely the wrong area, at intersections of some major roads. There are also major planning permissions given to a 250 house estate, an industrial estate as well as a business park (being semi rural and on green belt don't seem to matter diddly). The result of this is that it will become a traffic nightmare. We were told not to worry as a scheme of road calming work was going to be implemented in ours and neighbouring roads to alleviate the problem and force drivers onto the already busy main roads. In their wisdom the Highways Department's solution is 7 chicane/cutaways/pinch points along our 0.5 mile stretch of road which will result in gridlock. They say it's necessary, as the model they are basing it on say that the ASDA will generate 750 cars per hour along our road, so these measures are necessary. I think actually they mean that this is how many cars will be going there along all of the other main roads too as I can't believe there are going to be that many along all of the roads.


Now the fun bit, one of the priority build ups is planned outside our 90 year old neighbour's house and will result in at least 2 driveways in the road being blocked, and us having to turn a very sharp right (practically 45 degrees) into traffic which has right of way against us. As it's a priority type one, drivers will be speeding up to "get to the opening first" before oncoming traffic, thus leaving us trying to cross a lane into oncoming traffic. We will also have the "give way" line painted opposite our drive. The other little pleasure is that roughly 10 houses (including ours) will now have no parking outside their houses.


I went to a consultation meeting last Wednesday and stared in horror at the proposals next door and when I asked how I was supposed to get the lock on my car to turn right, I was sneered at and asked what car I drive as it shouldn't be a problem. I also pointed out that thre was a bus stop 50 yards away which will also cause the traffic to back up also, to which they responded bus stop, what bus stop?


I've gathered a petition of the residents that it will affect and am trying to get people to fill in comments forms for the local councillor. It's been identified that a lot of our traffic actually travels along a neighbouring road before it reaches us - the road that our councillor lives in and in which no changes are being made (surprise, surprise). There have been several articles in the county paper saying how happy we all are with the scheme, and we have been given just 10 days to respond, despite this presumably being planned for months.


I'm coming up against accusations of being a nimby (some of which is true obviously) and told the scheme is necessary s on safety grounds, but I can't see how this many obstructions are going to make us any safer and probably won't deter many drivers anyway, because the main roads are going to be blocked. Extra cars will still travel up our road but the flow will be broken by everyone having to keep stopping and starting. I've also been told by another councillor that it's unfortunate that not everyone is ever going to be happy with a scheme like this. Too effing rite mate!!


My question really is, has anyone had to take anything like this on, do you have any tips, once a decision is made how long do you get to appeal and is there a higher authority than the Highways Dept to appeal to should it all go ****-up?


I'm desperately worried as we will probably have to be selling up to move to Oz and this is going to knock thousands off the price of our house. We are also in a dilema about whether to tell the old guy next door(who has major health problems and has nurses visiting him several times daily) as it's going to affect him massively and would result in the nurses/visitors not being able to leave his drive. The alternative being the diggers turning up outside his house out of the blue and him being in shock anyway. I've asked relatives what I should do, but they keep saying they'll think about it and time is marching on. Perhaps I should make the powers that be tell him and they have to suffer the consequences if he has a heart attack, bless him!


Any advice much appreciated.

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Hiya Supa:wink:

Cant help im afraid,ive never really campaigned against anything tbh,had no need to,BUT i will say tony Lemming might have some ideas for you(he wont mind me saying!:wideeyed:),he's into all that,all the best with it:wubclub:

"The problem with neo conservative capitalism and it's insatiable greed for more wealth and disparity amongst the populace,is that it ended up being the catalyst for the great depression and modern recession"



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No, me neither. Dad's a Trade Unionist so I think it's in me blood! I spoke to the old guy next door last night and he has signed the petition bless him - hope he doesn't keel over or there will be MASSIVE trouble. We are sending the petition to our MP too who is a bit anti the ASDA so you never know.



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