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Guest paulf55

RSMS Sponsorship issue!!!!

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Guest paulf55



What happens if the company sponsoring you go's out of business before the sponsorship is finalised/ during the 2 year sponsorship period?


I have read here before that as long as you have the sponsorship granted and the company go's bust then DIAC will give you a chance to find another employer as they are hesitant to cancel permanent resident visa's.


Is this the case?


What happens if the sponsorship is not granted before this occurs?


Thanks in advance

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Hi paulf55......the main concern from DIACS point of view is that you stay in the REGION stated in the terms of your visa for the 2 year period ......so as long as you keep diac informed they would say just find a new employer in that REGION.. as to remove or revoke a visa under these circumstances is very doutfull......SO HAPPY DAYS:biggrin:

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