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Guest marriedtheenglish

461 Sub-class visa - NZ Citizen query

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Guest marriedtheenglish


I'm a NZ citizen and am emigrating to Aus... My husband and son are English and therefore applying for a 461 sub-class visa which is about $200 and lasts 5 years before they reapply again.

The form is quite straight forward but it asks if you have medical insurance in Aus, which obviously we don't yet, but will have it when we go... but I think they want us to have it before we go.

Does anyone have any experience of this visa, and have any tips at all?

I'm also trying to find out how long it will be before it is granted.

I'm also not sure who to go with for medical insurance... any help would be welcome!

Do we have to put in bank statements for this visa and have the health checks or not as we are in the UK?

Thx in advance!

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Guest siamsusie

Hi Marriedtheenglish,


I cant answer your questons but just bumping it up for you, there is bound to be someone who has the answer.


Best wishes with your migration plans


Susie x

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