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Guest Kels07

Hidden costs in shipping fees

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Guest Kels07

We recently move from the UK to Australia. As part of the move we received 3 quotes from shipping agencies. Unfortunately we chose the one that was initially the cheapest. Unfortunately the hidden costs made it far more expensive>


They have refused to accept that the costs aded on at a later date were unreasonable and that there were definitely not mentioned in any Terms we received prior.


The way they have handled the process has left a distinct bad taste in our mouth. Coupled with this were numerous breakages which they have failed to acknowledge despite their "partners" in Oz making note of this on delivery.


Overall their customer service has been unbeleivably poor and in hindsight the other quotes, initially marginally dearer, would have been the better deal.


I would avoid this company at all costs for cost an customer service. Please PM me for details if you so wish.


Other friends and colleagues have had positive results with PSS

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