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Vetassess practical for Carpentary

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Guest becca0114

Hi, My other half has a practical test for carpentary booked for Saturday and is really stressed about it. I think the added presure of giving up smoking and redundances at work is starting to take its toll. He has been a carpenter for 10 years now and I keep trying to reasure him everything will be fine, but if someone could give us an idea of what happens it might set his mind at ease.

In our information nothing was writen about taking tools but I found a 'candidate kit' for 2008 and there was a list of tools to take. Should we go by this and take these just in case.:sad:

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There has been a bit on this lately, have a look through to see what others have said, I sat my Joinery test on the 7th of this month and have just found out today that I passed, so happy days,


In regards to the candidate list, does the log in screen where it has your voucher and venue guide not have the current candidate list as of 2011? I didnt take my tools as I didnt need to as my tasks ment I could use a few of theirs if need be and I aint gonna take a my whole workshop!!!


All the chippies took their tools as you have to make a roof and stud work, plus poss a saw horse instead of the stud, you would, understandably want your own tools on such tasks. But they do have tools there, it is a college after all so if you need to borrow something you can.


Good luck

Voted worst new member 2011..... :err:

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