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Guest Connelly

partner and current 457 visa holder becoming defacto on my 457 visa?

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Guest Connelly

HI all - my first post here.


My partner and I are both living in Australia and on our own 457 visas. Due to certain circumstances we are having to consider putting my partner onto my 457 Visa as defacto. We have been living together for over a year so dont see any problems from that point of view, but can anyone please advise me how one goes about doing this?


Do we have to re-apply for a 457visa with both our names on the application or is another way?


Any idea how long the process takes?


Any advise, greatly appreciated



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You will need to do a 457 add on application for your partner. If successful your partner will receive the same visa validity period as you.


Be mindful that your current sponsor/employer has to consent to having your partner added to your visa.

Raul T Senise

Registered Migration Agent

MARN 0636699


"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."



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