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Guest ukguy12

Your advise would be appreciated on which visa is for me

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Guest ukguy12

Dear all,

Forgive me for this thread, I'm new to the forum and I don't know if it is the norm to post such 'open' non-specific questions.


I've been considering a move to Australia for a couple of years now, but have so far done nothing but read about it and go on holiday there.


My Situation


25 year old male, single, Sales and Marketing manager with over 5 years experience, Looking to re-located to NSW, QL or Vic within next 3-5 years. No degree.


Visa Options


1. >Employer Sponsored :-

Obviously need to find a job/employer willing to sponsor me. - Is this likely. I've emailed my CV to a few, but so far nothing. Ideally I would like to stay in a similar role. But i would take on a lesser roll, such as a sales representative ( industrial), to get my foot on the ladder.


I have been told that for immigration purposes, Sales and Marketing manager is not favourable. Does any body have experience of this? is A sales rep any easier/better?


I would also need to find a vacancy before leaving the UK, unless I went to Australia with a working holiday Visa and found a job when on the ground.


2.> Skilled Independent 175:-

This is my ideal visa, but realistically what are my chances of obtaining this? Since I have no degree and SALES and MARKETING manager is not on the SOL. ( I think).


- I guess i have 3 main options.


1. Quit my job here, move to Australia with a working holiday visa, find a job, for a while and an employer who will sponsor me, and if I don't, come home.


2. Find a recruiter who will source a job, and maybe go out for an interview etc.

Does the SOL still count if you have a job offer?


3. Apply for a skilled independent visa.


Any advise/ experience/ recommendations would be massively appreciated.


Best Regards


Oliver Mawer


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Guest siamsusie

Just to welcome you to Poms In Oz Oliver,


Hope you get some good answers and advice from the forum.



Susie x

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