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Guest thekelbos

Household Bills

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Guest thekelbos

Hi All sorry if this is a repeat!


I am trying to figure out approx cost of monthly bills in and around Perth.


We need to pick 3 areas that we can prove we have researched for the WA SS application.


Have managed to get an idea on rental but I am struggling to get straight answers on bills. I used Woolworths and Coles online to put our usual weekly shop in and compared the prices that way.


We currently pay the following (approx on food and fuel they go up and down depending on prices)


Water - £30.96

Gas - £41.52

Electric - £31.11

Council Tax - £110

Rent - £400

Sky TV, Broadband and Phone - £64

Car Insurance - £86

Fuel - £160

Food - £200


I have found accommadation 3 bed house approx $330-400 a week, similar in Perth but for an apartment, Mandurah for a house and Warnbro.

Food at Coles or Woolworths (will probably use markets for fruit and veg as I do here) approx $400-750 a month.


Could do with a little help on utilities. I know air con is something most rentals seem to have so is that a seprate bill or is it run on electricity bill? I read a few posts but feel really confused as some say we pay the council tax others say its landlords.


Just would like a worse case scenario for bills and then if its less, bonus.


Many Thanks in advance :smile:

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Guest siamsusie

Just bumping this up for you guys!


Susie x

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Guest thekelbos

Thanks siamsusie!


Hi Keith, yeah I joined Perthpoms too, no luck as yet. Have asked a friend of my mum's whose daughter lives out there in Secret Harbour but she is a nurse working nights with two young children. Just thought here might be quicker.


I'll just keep searching. Just a bit concerned we won't put the right info down on the application. Doing it ourselves as we want to take as much money with us as we can so we can spend the first month or so really looking for the right place to settle and not make any rash decisions on where to live.


Soooo much to figure out it gives you brain ache! Still excited to get out there though!

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