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Guest Murfball

Help!! Specific work experience what happens if you dont prove

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Guest Murfball

Hi Everyone,


I am new to this and would like to ask your advice on a slight problem I have :/


I have gotten WA sponsorship and applied for my 176 visa however in my application i ticked the 'specific work experience', however i then realised that I didnt need to claim these points as I already had more than enough without them!!

I would just attach the documents anyway except I am already in Perth on a 457 visa and I no longer have any payslips etc to prove the full 3 years - it would be quite a hassel to try get references etc so................my question is if I just dont upload any of the documents will they just take the 10 points off my application and process it on what I have submitted or would they cancel the whole visa???


Im sure you all know how stressfull visa applications are (Ive done 3 now at this stage and they dont get any easier!!) so im hoping someone out there can help settle my brain on this one


Thanks so much :)

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