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Guest Hetty

Importing a motorbike as well as a car?

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Guest Hetty

Hi there

We are moving to Mandurah WA this July, and we have already applied for 2 car permits to import both of our cars. My partner has a cool Suzuki Intruder C800 cruiser and we'd also like to take that. Does anyone know if we would be able to import this too in addition to the cars? If so, do we need to apply for an import licence as before or not? Also any ideas of cost of duties and charges etc when we arrive in Oz? I think that we could fit it into the container.

Would be great to hear your advice.



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Guest The Ropey HOFF

Sorry i don't know the answer to this, just replied to bump your question up to the front, so hopefully someone will give you a reply, best of luck.

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