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Guest 2Accountants

How much on average are the Monthly household bills for 3/4 bedrm hse in suburbs Bris

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Guest 2Accountants

Hi All,


Myself & hubby are considering moving to Brisbane and renting our house at home and would be looking to rent a 4 bed in outer suburbs (eg Bracken Ridge) or a 3 bed inner suburbs (eg Ascot or Carina) and I would like to know what are the average bills that we would face?? We will prob only have 1 car and hubby will commute to work via train or bus. Potential job at Eagle Farm so he needs to commute there.


At the moment we have thought of the following below but do not know how much they will be, so could you give us an average if possible. We have 2 kids,5 and 3 so when I start working I will need appropriate day care for them.


Rent on hse in Brisbane (appx) $ 2,000

Mortgage from hse at home $ 850

Creche Fees $ 2,000

Train/Commute Charges/Petrol ???

Utility Bills for rented house: ???




Refuse Chgs


Any other things we need to think off, or even any one off bills that we will have eg Car Insurance $??, any local council charges etc


Really need to see if we will be better off financially or would it just be a better way of life with the same financial drains that we have here at the mo!:mad:


Ta for your help,


Thanks AM

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Guest GeorgeD

Our Home phone/Internet is $115 per month for 250Gb peak/250Gb Offpeak plus 2c per mnute for calls to the UK (Optus Cable) Install was around $150 from memory...we have a month to month contract as there was only 10 months of our lease left when we ordered.


Electricity for our 4 bed house on the outskirts of Brisbane is around $150-$200 per month. We don't have any gas at our house, not all areas have access to it.


Our Foxtel (cable TV) is around $80 per month for 2 x IQ2 boxes with the basic package (no movies or sports)


We don't have any refuse charges.


What about mobile phone contracts (budget around $50 per month for a decent plan)


Car insurance: I drive a SUV and this costs me around $60 per month with RACQ


Buying a car: Price cars on www.carsales.com.au Second hand cars are significantly more expensive than in the UK. Budget for this as an upfront cost. Bear in mind that they also hold their value better than the UK, so you will have a higher residual when you sell it. Road tax is called Rego here and it depends on the type of car and engine size (my car has a V6 engine so is approx $788 per annum rego)


Other things you might want to consider:


Contents insurance (you won't need Buildings if renting)

Medical Insurance (you pay for just about everything here otherwise)

Some rentals may pass some or all of the water charges to tennants.

If you rent a house with a pool you will have pool maintenance costs for chemicals, etc, ours are approx $50-$60 per month.


Then there is the small matter of food and living! Our shopping bills are $150-$200 per week and we aren't extravagant!


For most rentals you will need an up front bond of 4 x the weekly rent, so if you are anticipating around $500 per week, then you will need a bond up front of $2,000. You will get this back at the end of the rental provided there is no damage. This is all very highly regulated by the State Government (RTA - Residential Tenancy Authority), so this is all pretty standard. Your money is also held by the RTA rather than the landlord.

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Guest 2Accountants

Thanks George for all your details, I'd say we will prob look into taking a 6 mth break in our mortgage at home when we move over and that will give me a chance to settle in the kids and find a job as we will need 2 jobs or at least 1.5 to have a comfortable standard of living. Not selling our house is going to put a drain on us unfortunately but with the recession here it could be 6mths to 3 yrs before we might find a buyer and we need to sure we will be happy to remain in Aussie before selling up.


One more thing, we did look at renting properties with pools but ruled it out as kids young (5 & 3 ) and both can't swim but in the swell of the summer months how does the average household with no pool manage with the heat, is there many public pools you can go to, etc. Also does the kids learn to swim on the school circulum or is it up to us to get them lessons asap.


Also think that that the kids would need the back yard more to play with their toys as it seems with the shortage of large ground on the average $400-500 rental, it's either one or the other.


George thanks again for all your details, just waiting for the employer to give us the green light to apply for the 457 and we are good to go!! Told us it normally comes through in about 3-4 weeks!!



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Guest Jeremy
Told us it normally comes through in about 3-4 weeks!!


I'd bank on 4 to 8 weeks. I arranged 10 457s for my employees and they took an average of 6 weeks back in Nov/Dec '10. I've just got my own and it took 5 weeks start to finish, including having to get my chest x-rayed twice. The immigration/visa office dealing with Queensland is backed up because of the surge of applications after the floods and if you are in the right profession you can get fast-tracked, otherwise it'll take a week or two longer.

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