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Anyone know about DJS (dentist's job search)?

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My wife and I are considering applying for a 457 visa. To hopefully head off to Australia this August/Sept. My wife is a dentist. We are currently in the UK. I know a lot of these questions have already been asked but this is regarding to a specific sponsorship from DJS (dentist job search).


I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me with some questions.


1) Does anyone have experience with DJS, if so what was your experience like?

2) We are considering Adelaide, is this a good area for work? What is the cost of living like? Any other opinions on Adelaide?

3) Are we eligible for the 'living away from home allowance' (LAFHA)

4)My wife is a dentist so we understand that she needs a full medical etc. I am not medical considering admin/bar work as a dependant on her visa, any idea what I need to get?

5) How much does the visa etc all cost, do we need a certain amount of cash in our account before we go (like the holiday working visa) and how much will we need between us or each?


Much thanks


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Hello, I am doing a similar search to your original query here but like everywhere else there is limited infomation. I was just wonderinf if you used DJS or a similar agence and did you have a good experience? I look forward to hearing from you.

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Guest knykdy

hey Donalduk! any possibility I could get some info as well ? I am in the same situation as Decisions998

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