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457 visa holder = International student???

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Wondering if anyone can shed any light on this for me??


Mum is the holder of a 457 visa and is looking to study in NSW a course related to her work. on a 457 as a temporary resident are you classed as an international student?


The cost is so much more expensive of the internation student courses.


Thanks in advance

JO - Mummy of 4 & Wife to Garath - On a 457 since Oct 2008 - Garath Electrician - Applied for 856 - Nom & App (non DRC) submitted 18/05 (parramatta) Acknowledged 23/5 - Payment 01/06 - News of Case officer allocated 15/12 ...GRANTED 30/12

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Yep sorry to say that you have to pay international fees - but if its work related you should be able to claim some/all of it back when you are doing your tax returns

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