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removal without insurance???

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Has anyone done their container removal without insurance?


I am seriously considering that option. The reason for this is that


a) the insurance would cost me more than half of the removal quote (PSS, self packing) and


b) the sum I could get back would not cover the cost of the lost items, especially not those of "sentimental value".


c) If the ship would get captured (let's say, by pirates) or be involved into any kind of war action I would not get anything. The same with natural diaster. (Those thoughts might seem odd but think about the recent desaster in Japan where one could see hundreds of containers lying around on the shore.)


Should I rather pay for insurance or not?



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Guest GoldCoastMag

Yes, we came to the same conclusions you did. We considered the risk of self insuring and the only thing I have thought of since is : would insurance also repay you the fees you have paid, in addition to any losses.


We had minor damage to a bed, that could be repaired, and I dropped a wine glass unwrapping it after it safely made the journey.


It is a dilemma, and we still think we made the right decision to not have insurance, had the whole container ended up under water, we may not have.


good luck


ps I understand you can get insurance at a better rate than taking the movers offer!

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Oh thanks for your reply! I am relieved to hear someone else was thinking in the same lines...


So...we decided to skip insurance and rather take the risk. I just hope nothing major happens. Luckily we don't have furniture but lots of books and clothing.

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With the cost of insurance we decided to take the insurance out but do the quote ourselves. We cut the cost down a bit but we are glad that we did not pay the full cost that they quoted.

Family of five now with our one son living in the UK

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