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Guest Spencer

Floor Finishers heading for Perth or in Perth!!

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Guest Spencer

Hi iam Spencer


Iam a floor finisher with 18 years under my belt in all types of floor finishes trying to get out to OZ ASAP to start a new life for me and my family!

We are waiting on our CO for our 176 ss visa but looks like our 1100 form has gone missing between WA and DIAC so got a small delay (again) but hope to get it sorted next week and get our CO!


Any other floor finishers on the same road and where are they heading and where are they at and whats the story ?


And if you are already lucky to be settled in the great sothern land how are things going for the family and with work?


Looking forward to hearing from you all.




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Guest lexylou

Hi Spencer,

My OH is a floor finisher and has 22 year experience. We are awaiting the outcome of his TRA skills assessment then we will immediately send away SS application. We have been on this rocky road since Jan 2010, initially OH was going to be lead applicant but he failed the first TRA application. Then things were suspended, I then applied to have my skills assessed which took 14 weeks then after that I did not have enough years work experience for SS. So it was back to OH who then had to get his AQFIII, which he now has and so on and so on.


If and when we get to Perth we would like to stay NOR possibly Ocean Reef, Quinns, Joondalup they kind of areas. We have 3 kids so good schools are also important to us.


What about you guys?



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alright spence, im a floor layer heading for perth. was heading to join family in qld but they pulled my ss of me after the state migration plan was released as they dont need floor layers. so heading for perth now. drama's. just gonna start looking into the work side of it. have you had any joy? hope you get paperwork sorted out soon.



living the dream...

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Guest riknbev

Hi Spencer


I have just received my 176 for Perth, I work as a floor fitter and we are looking to go late 2011 or early 2012 (asap) . I have a young family so I'm hoping to find some work and get the family settled in. We are looking at all areas at the moment.


Hope you get sorted !:biggrin:

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