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The Pom Queen

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Hi all

I believe people wanted to know why the "cost of cigarettes" thread was closed.

The mods were following the forum rules and guidelines and should not be questioned for something that they are asked to follow, if any of you have any problems with threads closed, please send a pm to myself or Rob.

We do have a rule (although I am sure a lot of you don't read them:wink:) which states

"Out of respect for the Original Poster, please try to keep postings on-topic, do not steer the thread in another direction without good reason. If required please start a new topic within a relevant forum. If posters do not adhere to these guidelines then they may find that their post is edited or deleted. For any deliberate or continued breech of the rules, moderators may issue infractions or warnings"


Now this thread was started asking how much a price of cigs were, it then moved to a debate as to whether smoking was bad for you, and then on to alcohol, obesity, coffee etc. So as you can see none of this is irrelevant to the cost of cigs, if you want to start a debate on smoking then that's fine but please don't hijack someone elses thread and keep within the forum rules ie no personal insults etc.

I am sure you understand that the mods allow a lot of leeway on the above rule,as inevitably threads do steer off topic, however, it isn't fair on the Original Poster.

REMEMBER play by the rules and no threads will ever be closed, it's quite simple really lol:notworthy::hug::wubclub::hug:


Ps Yes I am closing this thread:wink:

If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.

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