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457 advice please or similar situation

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I am currently on a WHV in Brisbane and have been working with a very large flight company, Doing first level IT support on travel industry specific programmes which I guess is the strong point I have, I only have 6 months IT experience and very little IT qualifications however I can do the job very well and am currently self studying for exams.


I was wondering if it is worth chasing them for a 457 or would they (DIAC) say you dont have enough experience/quals etc. The company are not sure of the process but obviously that isn't really the issue as if it realistic then they will read up etc.


I am also awaiting TRA results to apply for state sponsorship for SA but under Radiocommunications Technician which is what I have done for the previous 8 years,


Grateful for any help or similar situations

Is living it up in Glenelg North!

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