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Compliance visit from DIAC "856"

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Hi Everyone


Any information or help would be greatly received.


We moved here on a 457 and then we were lucky enough to have an employer that was willing to transfer straight to an 856.


We have been on a bridging visa now since sept 2011 and been told that we now have been allocated a case officer.


However, last week out of the blue we had a visit from DIAC, this was called a 'compliance visit'. They wanted to talk to me and my employer asking lots of questions regarding what I do, on a daily basis. Then spoke to my employer without me there asking about their finances etc and wanting more detailed information.


Has anyone experienced a 'compliance visit' and if so what was the outcome.


Just really panicking now that they will find something and send us back to the UK. Oh how stressfull this all is. Makes you think was it all worth it.


ANY info would be helpful.



sharon and carl.

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