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Social Work Melbourne - pros and cons

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I am a Medical Social Worker and I am presntly applying for 176 visa. I have had my AASW assessment and am hoping to secure a Medical Social Work role in a hospital in Melbourne. I have heard mixed reviews about social work roles in Victoria and am wondering if these mainly relate to Child Protection roles? I am also concerned about the salary I could expect over there as it appears low from research on the Internet.


In Ireland I currently earn Approx 46,000 euro a yr Working full time equiv of approx 64,000 aud a year. However am I right that a social worker with three yrs experience in oz would earn about 50,000 aud?


This worries me as I saw on another thread the national average income in

oz is approx 60,000. Is social work a very low paid job in oz or am I just looking that up wrong somewhere?


Obviously we are not just moving for money and the lifestyle etc is the biggest draw but as a mother of two I don't want to making any stupid financial risks either.


Thanks to anyone who can advise on social work in oz the pros and cons. Thanks :)

Social Worker - 272511 IELTS: 8/6/13 R.9 W.8.5 L 9 S 9 Visa lodged 189 31/8 Direct Grant 25th October

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They are having problems keeping S/Workers in child protection, big case loads, no support. Some of the UK social workers who have come over have left it. Mostly hospital SW is not too bad. My sister is a SW but doesn't work in hospitals. The AASW will be able to give you some salary advice etc. Good luck.

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Guest nicolahigham

I am also thinking of applying for a visa I am a social worker with 10 years experience in field work have 2 children and my husband is a park ranger we have a good life here and I am anxious about the move.


I would like a better quality of life but think we may have missed the boat I have heard of some people getting job offers and re location is this still available in oz.


I was thinking of melborne


any advice would be good xxxx



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Guest Sara Douglas

Hi Nicola,

I am a social worker in Melbourne, having emigrated from Uk. There are plenty of social work jobs in Victoria, some pay better than others, and it also depends on the level of salary you negotiate. Child Protection social workers from UK with more than 3/4 years experience tend to earn a bit more as they arrive as Advanced Practitioners. Hospitals do pay more depending on your experience and what you negotiate. My advice to social workers who have not yet emmigrated is that they go for PR visa, this allows you flexibility if you are not happy with your job. Social work is on the skills shortage list, so this helps.

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