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Guest Irmaal

Unaccompanied Personal Effects clearing procedures

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Guest Irmaal

Hello poms,


I've started this thread in order to share some usefull information about where to look for the freight when you have landed in Melbourne. If anyone has an experience please put it down here, I think It would have a huge value for anyone looking where to start.:yes:


I shortly describe mine situation-we have just shiped our Personal effects through DHL(by air), but they declined to do a customs procedures. They just said that they deliver a freight to Tullamarine airport and then you are on your own. Oh, and they said that we must collect our freight from Quantas terminal... I thought it would be from DHL terminal.:wacko:


But here comes the paperwork, and I have no any Idea where to start and how to clear goods . Some tips would be very appreciated. Where to go, what to bring, how much time does all processing takes. Please note that it is an Air Freight.




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