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Accountant or physio

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I currently have only one semester to go before I complete my accounting degree. However, in order to get a proper accounting job I would still need to pursue the CA/CPA designation. That is another 3 more years of study. Without the CA/CPA designation, the salary would be quite low... not that it increases that much after you have done your CA/CPA either. So, I am wondering if it is worth pursuing an accounting career. My other option is to enrol in a degree in physiotherapy. The reason why I am comtemplating doing this is because my current GPA is very high and I am eligible to apply for physiotherapy which is a very competitive course. I wouldn't get the chance to do physiotherapy again. So, is it worth doing physiotherapy or is the job market saturated for physios? The reason why I would like to do physiotherapy is because I am very interested in learning physiology and studying other health related courses. Other pluses of physiotherapy for me include the flexibility of hours it provides and also from what I have researched physiotherapists earn more than accountants. Correct me if I am wrong. In short, is it really worth doing physiotherapy in Australia and considering it as a future career path?

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