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How long does the CO take to verify police checks and all the other documents?

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My cousin has been assigned a case officer and he has lodged all the necessary documents including form 80. He is an onshore applicant. The CO does not have to verify any employment related documents as he just graduated from an Australian university and he is exempt from work experience. So, basically, the CO has to verify the validity of his police checks, medicals and academic transcripts, and also check his identification documents.We were wondering how long it would take to get this done. Does it involve a very lengthy procedure whereby the CO has to contact the police departments in each of the countries he has resided in to verify the police certificates? We are just very curious as all the documents have been uploaded and it is up to the CO now to make a decision. I have seen some applicants in this forum getting visa grants in 2 days' of CO allocation while others take longer than 4 months. I mean, I can understand the delay if there are missing documents or if the applicant is slow to respond to requests by the CO to submit extra documents but if all the documents are complete, then is there a reason for lenghty delays?

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It might take 1 day, it might take 1 year. How long it takes to do the checking does not matter. DIAC have limits on numbers of visa they give out each year, they also prioritise them by various things visa type, application date etc etc The CO also may have 100 other applications to deal with.

So even if they checking of documents has been done theres no saying the visa would be issued until its his turn in the que!

05/09/09 Mailed my 309/100 app 17/09/09 CO 05/10/09 Meds 08/10/09 PCC 09/10/09 Xray, 18/12/09 Extra Medical report recieved by CO 14/01/10 Hep B test, 09/02/10 New CO aggh 18/02/10 309, Baby visa needed now for our move in Sept 2011

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