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who can certify documents for ENS121?

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Hello all


Been on the DIAC website all morning but cannot find out who can certify documents for ENS121 visa?. Can I use a solicitor or does it have to be a JP?. Made a mistake with Aphra so do not want to waste time and money when it comes to completing the visa application.


Also, from what I can see I will need to make a paper application as it would appear you cannot apply for an ENS121 online or am I wrong?


Any help much appreciated!


TT x

ENS nomination appoved Nov 10, APHRA app sent 28/1/11, APHRA eligible to reg 12/4/11 VISA sent with pcc, 23/5/11, Medicals 21/6/11, meds finalised 1/7/11, evidence of defacto sent 10/8/11 VISA GRANTED 15/8/11

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And the answer was?

WDU filmed 06/07.09, Job offer recevied. AQF III for shoemaker awarded 26.01.12. TRA successful 01.06.12. Qualified as a midwife 23.09.12. 457 Grant 29.01.13 Arrived Brisbane 23.04.13. ENS 186 apllied 16.03.14..

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I used a local solicitor, had to phone a few as not all of them provide the service. However i used a local small practice and they were brilliant, phone up on the day and they would find a 10 minute slot on the same day. Relateively cheap too, £5 per document and when we had our main trip did a bulk deal for us.


All in all for our RSMS 119 visa, family of 5 we spent approx £90 but that included certification of documents for Engineers Australia assessment.

RSMS 119 Visa & Nomination Granted 16th Nov 2011 (Occupation 312511).

Nom certified 12/04/11, Nom submitted 14/06/11, Visa submitted 19/10/11, CO 26/10/11, Meds 07/11/11

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