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Urgent: Visa refused OR asked to leave the country???

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Previously I had my application for a student visa refused while onshore in Australia. I did not appeal the decision and left Australia. This was quite a while back. I have already applied for a permanent residency visa now and am not sure whether I filled in my application correctly. Where it asks me if I have been refused a visa to Australia, I have said YES. Where it asks me if I have been ASKED to leave Australia, I said NO. Is this the right way to fill this part out? I am very confused by this question. Should I have said YES to the question 'Have you ever been ASKED to leave Australia?'? I am thinking being ASKED to leave Australia is a completely different thing to being refused a visa. Could anybody help me out with this? Also, in form 80 where it says, 'Have you been refused a visa to ANOTHER country?', does this mean I only mention about other countries apart from Australia? The reason why I am asking is because I have only been refused a visa to only Australia and I have had no such issues with any other countries. But in form 80 they have not asked about visa refusals to Australia. So I was thinking when I am filling this part I should mention about the rejection of my student in Australia or are they just asking me about OTHER countries? I have not lodged form 80 yet. However, with regard to the question, 'Have you ever been ASKED to leave the country' in the online application... I have a feeling I should have said YES to that. What do you guys think? How can I rectify this error? Do I need to fill a special form for this and if so, what form would it be? Or am I worrying too much? Is it just sufficient just to say that my visa was refused to Australia previously and leave it at that?... or do I still need to say that I was ASKED to leave? I was not really asked to leave but whenever a visa is rejected the applicant has 28 days to leave the country and at that time I also had the right to appeal to the tribunal. However, i was too depressed at that time and did not want to go through the hassle of appealing to the tribunal and spending $1000 just for the purpose of applying for the tribunal. I just wanted to leave the country and relax, and not think about it for a while.

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Guest Sparticus

Oh god, sounds like you had a hard time :sad:

I think if you have put that your visa was refused they will know you had to leave the country. It's not like you committed a crime or something and they asked you to leave is it? You had to leave, surely they will know this??

I'm no expert though, maybe call them and clarify with the department to put your mind at rest?

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