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Toyota Camry for Sale

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I'm based in Melbourne, I've just secured a new job that comes with a car.


If anyone needs a solid reliable family car I will be selling my silver Toyota Camry shortly.


It's a 2.4L automatic with all the mod cons. Done 77k, tax and road worthy up to Dec 11. Prob cost me close to 17k in Nov 10 and I've done hardly any mileage.


I'm just looking for a fair offer in the region of $15,500. If you look on carsales website that's a very good deal.


Not sure I'm supposed to advertise on here so I'll probably get my wrist slapped.


Anyway if you need a solid car and can't be bothered chasing around all over the place trying find one I could be the answer. I know what it is like when you first get here trying to find a good car.


Don't hesitate to drop me a line on here if you need any more info.




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