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Guest raymiebhoy

Firefighter looking to emigrate

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Guest raymiebhoy

Hi, I am new to this so please bear with me.


My name is Raymond , I work as a firefighter in Glasgow. I stay with my girlfriend and stepdaughter and we all want to migrate to Australia. I am 24, my girfriend is 27 and daughter is 3. I have been firefighting for 3 years, previously lived in Australia for 9 months during a working holiday visa and just loved it.


I know firefighter is not a recognized skill, but to be honest I would be willing to do any other job just to get in and work in Australia. My partner works in an office so that isnt an option either. I also have a cousin who is an Australian citizen and lives in Sydney, if that is of any relevance?


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks! :unsure:

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