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Dundowran Beach, Hervey Bay, and Fraser Coast Anglican College

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Dear Pomsinoz


We are hoping to move to Queensland later in the year once my husband has been through the process of applying to the Royal College and our visas are obtained. His job is due to begin in August but there have been a few delays so it may now be October. The two main areas he will be based between are Bundaberg and Hervey Bay. We have looked at both and are thinking of the Hervey Bay area as our 12 year old wants to be close to the beach and our 1 year old loves the sand. Does anyone know anything about Dundowran Beach? I have looked at different suburbs around Hervey Bay and like the look of this one but there is only so much you can do via the internet.

On a seperate note, does anyone know much about Fraser Coast Anglican College? This is the one we all like the look of and I would appreciate it if anyone who knows the area could let me know what it's like

Looking forward to a sunnier future

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Hi Lyndalelodge

Thanks for your reply - I am going to e-mail some of those mentioned for further details about the school

and see if I can get more of a feel about it

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We've (me, hubby, son 7 and daughter 4) been in Hervey Bay since the start of Jan and love it here! The locals reckon the weather has been unseasonably bad since we arrived but if that's bad I can't wait for the good!! The bay is a lovely place for kids, clean beautiful beaches, blue seas, parks on every corner virtually and free splash park. Regarding living in HB we started off in Torquay and loved it for it's central location, nowhere was more than 5 mins away. We're now sampling Urangan and whilst it's nice it's feels a bit remote compared to Torquay. We've been to Dundowran Beach and it's beautiful, again very clean and the houses around there are stunning! However, there are a few lagoons in the area and coupled with the beach proximity we are told sandflies/mosquitoes are a problem! Also, because of the lagoons there is a potential of flooding! Once here you will find plenty of locals willing to pass on advice on where to and not to live, the main negative being sandflies/mosquitoes rather than 'rough' areas.

My son has started year 3 at Fraser Coast Anglican College and we are happy with how well he has settled in. The school is very pro technology and at the moment he is preparing a Powerpoint presentation to give to the class (he's only 7!!). There are plenty of lunchtime or after school activities and an array of sport clubs to join. On our 457 visa we were viewed the same as Australian residents and therefore pay approx $7000 a year. There are plenty of other expat families also at the College.

Don't know if any of that was of any use but if you have any other questions don't hesitate and I'll try my best to answer.

Wishing you well from a very warm Hervey Bay.


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Hi Bear35

Thanks for the reply - its lovely to talk to someone who is living in the area to get a view of what it's actually like - there's only so much you can get from looking at the internet.

We are hoping, all being well, to be out there September/October and plan to rent first until we decide where we want to live in the area before selling our house here in the UK. Are you planning on living in short term lets so that you can look around different suburbs? Would you be able to drop me a quick line about the best places to be the more you get to know the area? Must admit, I can't wait. I have 2 children, 12 years and 20 months - the younger one doesn't know what's happening, the older one is, luckily for us, excited - her favourite song at the minute is 'There's nothing like Australia'. The thought of beach life, sun and sea gives me something to look forward to, especially when the weather here is cold and miserable.

Take care


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