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Anyone working as a Holistic Therapist?

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I am currently re-training as a Holistic Therapist and my qualifications in massage are NVQ level 3. I am aware of the Australian 'Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice' which is required in Oz to work in this profession however I wondered if anyone had made the move to Oz and had their UK/other qualifiactions assessed against the australian certificate. Is there anyone who is working in this profession either in a salon or working from home that could advise the way ahead with regards to qualifications etc? Any help appreciated.Thanks.

Applied 176 visa (family sponsored) 09 Sept 10/ DIAC email received 18 Mar 11/ Meds finalised 15 Apr 11/ Police Cert 30 Apr 11/ VISA GRANTED 17 MAY 2011 :biggrin:

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