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Medical Test

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Hi ,


I'm hoping someone out there might have some advice regarding the medical check in regards to the matter outlined below .


I was recently signed off work for 3 months due to acute stress and was in receipt of social welfare for the 3 months .


I have since left this job for the sake of my sanity and am currently on job seekers allowance .


I'm mid way through my application , filling out forms whilst waiting for my skills assessment to come back .



On the Medical examination form the following question is asked -





Have you ever had :





A hospital admission for a psychiatric condition or extensive treatment for depression or anxiety?





My question is - should I bring up the fact that I was not fit for work for those 3 months due to stress ? ( never any prior stress episodes in my working career )





I wouldn't consider what I had a psychiatric condition or 3 months off work being extensive treatment for depression or anxiety?





The job was highly pressurised and in the end saw me sitting in my GP's office with a valium script in my hand - this went on for 3 months until I decided to quit the job .





Since leaving that particular job I'm fine again but I'm a bit nervous about bringing it up in case they assume that I'm somebody who cracks at the slightest bit of pressure and might be a burden on the Australian health system .





They also ask -





Have you ever had :





Government financial assistance for medical reasons?





The answer is yes - 3 months worth





I don't know whether to stay quiet and answer no to both questions as there is basically nothing wrong with me - was just in a nightmare of a job and was signed off for 3 months and then quit .





Do they check your social security number you fill in on your medical cert to see if you ever made a claim or is it even worth bringing attention to it ?





Anyone have any ideas or had any similar experiences with this type of situation in regards to answering the medical questions ?














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I sympathise with your concern. I'm afraid I don't know too much about this but will put in my 2p worth.

First off, as tempting as it may seem, you should be truthfull when answering these questions. Remeber that dishonesty will be looked on very unfavourably if the truth emerges.

If this is your only episode of mental health issues (which I would think this would be classed under since you took sickness from work from it), and you only required some rest time, then I would think that a letter from your doctor explaining that you were basically 'run down' yada yada yada would result in a favourable view from DIAC.

Finally, a bit of non-visa associated advise - if you feel like you're struggling between now and the visa grant (I have no idea how long yours will take to be processed), then do get help, rather than be afraid to for the sake of a visa - you're health is more important.

And finally... and most importantly... if you want a proper full answer, then seek professional help from a migration agent dealing with health issues (George Lombard/Peter Bollard).

175 schedule 3 - applied mid May 09 - CO 1/3/11. Medicals and PCC submitted 8/4/11. Applied for concurrent 457 visa 12/3/11. Granted 11/4/11. 175 granted 2/5/11!!

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It might be best to have a quick chat with your doctor or one of the nurses at yoru surgery. I wouldnt think that the first question is a yes. I think they are looking for people with psychiatric disorders/long term depression rather than a short term one which you described. Be honest but be clear about how you are over it and it is no longer a problem


I dont know about the second question - I'm assuming you mean something like sickness benefit but as Essextoaus says get your doctor to write a letter, mention it to the panel doctor (I found mine to be very nice and helpful) and mention it in your statement.


Lots of people have very stressful episodes in their lives for many understandable reasons and I dont think they are trying to catch you out or instantly reject everyone. On another posting, someone is asking about which medical conditions people had that seemed serious but many people got their visas.


Don's stress too much. No news is good news and it can take a very long time to process but if you phone them up once a month for an update it should be ok

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I wouldnt stress about 3 months off work, just tell the truth as it could bite you on the bum later if you dont. I have epilepsy, have had stress related ill health, got DLA for years, had a year off work after brain surgery and I got my visa just fine. They are looking to see if you will be a long term burden by not working due to ill health or a cost to the health system. They are not trying to cherry pick only those with perfect health as tons of people suffer stress related illness at some point and then go back to work.

05/09/09 Mailed my 309/100 app 17/09/09 CO 05/10/09 Meds 08/10/09 PCC 09/10/09 Xray, 18/12/09 Extra Medical report recieved by CO 14/01/10 Hep B test, 09/02/10 New CO aggh 18/02/10 309, Baby visa needed now for our move in Sept 2011

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Thanks for the replies guys ,


I'll get onto my doctor and get a letter explaining the situation , hopefully that should be ok .


I really appreciate the advice !


Thanks & good luck



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