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Eastern Creek

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Just a quick note... i'll do a proper report when I've got internet access for a little bit longer!


We collected our cats, Bonnie and Clyde, from Eastern Creek on Wednesday and I wanted to do a quick post to let people know what a wonderful service we've received. I'd heard some real nightmare stories (including on here) but we've been really happy.


We got the mobile number of the team that were looking after our cats - I could call as often as I liked and they never sounded annoyed that I was interrupting. They gave me info on their weights and general condition and went in to see them while I was on the phone each time. Bonnie is a very shy cat and hides a lot even at home. They gave me reports on how sociable she was being and generally reassured me that she was fine.


When we collected them they looked like they'd spent the month at a health farm! Clyde, who generally has a tendancy to eat too much, looks like he's lost a healthy amount of weight and is looking very trim. Bonnie has put on a little, but she was a tiny cat to start with. Both of them have lovely coats - maybe not quite as soft as before but then they probably didn't get quite as much fuss as at home!


They'd been given toys to play with and a lovely furry bed to keep. All in all two very happy cats! We spent a lovely few days with them in our new caravan and now they are settled into their Gold Coast holiday home where they'll stay while we do our little trip.


I hope this gives a little bit of comfort to those who are about to dispatch their animals to quarantine. I was so worried - especially about Bonnie, but they are just the same as when we said goodbye back in Nottingham.


Nicky :biggrin:

VISA GRANTED 10.11.10 Arrived in Brisbane on 17.02.11 Citizenship in progress. Migrating was the best decision I ever made :smile:

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Hi Nicky

That is great news, glad they have arrived safely.


If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.

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