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Guest cricketbackinengland

Weekly Cost of Living UK

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Guest cricketbackinengland

Thought this might give anyone thinking of returning to the UK some guidelines on weekly living costs. These are based on our weekly living costs as a married couple without children so there are just two of us, at present anyway.


We've been back in England for 18 months, own and run a business, live very well I have to say, husband works in a salaried job and I run the business.


We're about to move into another house, renting first but looking to buy also. Semi detached, bedroomed house, village location, 2 miles from the business, large garden, parking, nice area, etc.


Rent/Mortgage 650.00 month


Rates, (inc water) 120.00


Gas, Electric, Telephone 80.00


Standing Orders 130.00 (insurances, life cover, private health)


Food 300.00


Going out, other expenses 400.00


Total monthly 1680.00


Weekly 390.69


I haven't included petrol because it's a minimal expense for us, husband has a company vehicle and I only drive 2 miles to work. After this it's a leisure expense so it's included in going out.


We have no borrowing, loans, credit cards or repayments.


I've calculated these figures based on our living costs over the last 12 months and they have pretty much stayed the same. Obviously, having no ties, ie young children, we do go out a lot.


Mobile phone and broadband are on top up (pay as you go). Cars are bought and paid for.

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Just worth mentioning a few things. Prices will vary dependant on which area you live in. I know where we are a small 3 bed semi for rent is minimum of £700, usually closer to £750, rising to £800. And that doesn't include anything else in the price. If you go into Bristol itself prices leap again. Same with property prices and mortgages.


Other things to consider (and I wasn't sure where some of these were being factored in for cricket)


*TV licence - £150.50 per year (if paid in quarterly payments of £37.64)

*Council tax - 10 months per year - We currently pay total of £1,300 or so per year according to the latest numbers on the council website :wacko:

*Water rates - £47.56 per month. Paid over 10 months

*Car tax - Dependant on vehicle. We pay for an 1.8l engine £180 or so per year. It can be much cheaper for the greenest, smallest engined types however. But lots more for larger gas guzzlers.

*Fuel costs - Currently the highest price ever. £1.30 per litre is average. Here in our town we pay between £1.28 and £1.30 per litre for unleaded. Diesel is now also priced high. We only run one car, trying to cut back and save on the huge expense of fuel and running costs.


Also entry to most anywhere these days, especially if you have kids can be expensive.


A trip 10 pin bowling cost us adults £18 each for 2 sessions. Our son, under 3 got in free. A trip to the aquarium was £13.50 for an adult. A child between 3-9 cost £9. So a family of 4, 2 adults and 2 kids would cost £43.40 (plus parking for car)

Zoo - £14 per adult. Child 3-14 is £8.50 Under 3's are free (plus parking £3 per car in the zoo car park)


So just a day out can cost a small fortune before you even think about food for the day, picnic or meal out someplace. Ok you can do lots of things for free or on the cheap still but attractions like zoos, theme parks, will cost a lot. I won't even tell you the price for Legoland these days (ok I will £34.50 at the gate per adult, child £26)


If we lived where cricket is living our costs might be in that ballpark given in the first post. But we don't. And I doubt for my husbands work we could ever live in that area. Of course, being nearer to larger cities means increased chances of skilled work for many.


So yes, two adults, living in crickets area could probably clock up those numbers. Us, a family of 3 and possibly growing, living near Bristol, not a hope.


And yes, wherever we go we have to pay to live. Not arguing that one. Just trying to expand a little more for people who may be interested in cost of living for others currently in the UK and in a different area. I'm not for or against being here or there, just giving the numbers as they are for us :)


eta - council tax amount

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Can I throw in the whopping average of £45 per hour for a mechanic at a repair garage (in our area). Our car needed a few things done recently. The bill for the labour was huge! I know of other people who use a dealership for their car and pay lots more on the hourly rate.


I shopped around. £40 per hour was the cheapest I could find within a reasonable distance to get home again under my own steam (was still a bus ride and a walk from the next town). Many garages don't seem to have loaners any more (the few I asked this of said costs had meant they had to lose the customer loaner). The only places that seem to have them are the dealerships and bigger outlets and even those vary.

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Guest juliatimms

Hi there CricketBackinEngland


Sorry to bother you out of the blue but I am a British producer working for the Aussie current affairs show Sunday Night.

I am working on a story for them on ping pong poms and would love to have a chat if possible about your experiences in moving back to the UK and how much you are loving being home. I have been reading your threads with interest.

Anyhow pls let me know if you are interested in finding out more and maybe you can send me a PM.

All the best



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This thread is from almost a year ago and the OP is no longer active on the forum that I am aware of. Good luck if you get a reply. Am locking the thread now :)

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