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Guest Lottee

Stat Declarations for an Offshore Defacto Visa

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Guest Lottee

Hi there


We are compiling our evidence for a defacto partner visa, which we are applying for offshore.


In the partner booklet it says that if you are outside Australia and you are unable to get Australian permanent residents to complete form 888 for you, you can obtain statements from people who know you and your sponsor, which should be appropriately witnessed.


Friends and family and completing statements for us. Do they need to provide their contact details (telephone numbers) in their statements?


And can anyone tell me if the Australian High commission contact the people who complete Stat Dec's... to interview them?


I just want to make sure i get it right - its all a bit nerve wracking! I also want to give my friends and family advance warning that they might get an interview.


Thanks in advance for any help


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Guest hels


I submitted 4 state decs, 1 oz, 1 NZ and 2 english, i dont remember if they had to put contact details down, i dont belive so and i know they definatly were not contacted

Hope this helps abit :)

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