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De facto partner visa statutory declarations - soft or hard copy?

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Hi everyone!


People on this forum have been immensely helpful to me in the past and I was wondering if any of you lovely chaps could help me oiut again :)


I am due to submit an onshore defacto partner visa application in just over a month, but we are still collecting stat. decs. from everyone. We have people all over Australia, and in Canada and the UK, writing them for us! However none of the information that I have seen makes it clear whether we have to provide orignal hard copies, or if we can provide scans, of these declarations. If it has to be originals we are in trouble as it will take quite a while for some of them to reach us through the post! If anyone had any advice that would be great,


All the best,



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I provided a mixture of both and my CO seems to be okay with it (we thought waiting for the stat decs to arrive is just taking too much precious time). So we submitted what we have already in hand while waiting for the rest (and submitted scans instead). So far, she hasn't asked for the original ones tho.

309/100 - Submitted and CO assigned 29/11/2010. More info given on 3/12/2010. Medicals requested on 16/12/2010. Went for medicals on 20/12/2010. Granted 30/3/2011. Arrived in Melbourne on May 2011. Second stage submitted end of Oct 2012, PR granted 12/02/2013!

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