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How to set up electricity, gas, water services in a new rental?

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Hi Folks,


I'm trying to figure out where to start in arranging our services at our new rental.


In the UK, the previous tenant/owner is usually asked to name the suppliers for the new tenant to contact them, and decide whether to continue with them, or choose another.


We've moved into our rental in Sydney, and so far, everything is switched on/running, but we're not sure by/with who as a supplier. We're not sure who we should contact to get this moving.


We did notice on every agency application form there was an offer to pass our details to a 'one-stop-shop' who would set up our services. However, I viewed this with suspicion - it sounded like a way to sell overpriced affiliated services to us - and left it blank in doubt. However, having now found how well-defined NSW rental legislation is, I'm wondering if actually it was a reasonable thing to sign up to.


Can anyone advise what the usual procedure is?


Many thanks!




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We made that mistake and the electricity got switched off about 1 week after moving into our new house:rolleyes:

I'm not in NSW, so some of our other members may be able to better advise, but I'd imagine gas & electric providers like TruEnergy (Gas & Electricity - Residential) & Origin Energy (Energy for your home - Origin Energy Australia) will service your area.

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So you just choose and then contact providers and ask to connect your service? Ok - thanks!


I think there's a couple of price comparison sites, although they're not as big over here - no meerkats or tenors just yet.

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The easiest way is via the company on the agents paperwork, they connect everything for you so no hassles for you. However, as you say they may not use the cheapest suppliers,so to do it yourself its a case of looking around for who covers your area and who gives the best rates. Make sure you know and have at hand the meter readings from when you moved into the property, also be aware (especially if your on a 6mth lease) lots of companys want to tie you in for 12 or 8 mths, unless you are 101% sure you wouldnt be moving in that time, check what the fee is for cancelling your contract as sometimes its hideous.


Cal x

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