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Guest tiddywiddy

Electrican Vetasses/TRA advice please

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Guest tiddywiddy


Can anyone please tell me if there are any advisable books that should be brought, prior to to doing the Vetasses practical exam?

As some of the parts of the test my o/h has never done before ie, DOL motor wiring with remote & emergency stop and S & Y boiler wiring etc.

O/h never trained via an apprenticeship, we paid for him to do it as a mature student over 4 or so years, obtaining C&G 2360 part 1 & 2, 2391, 2381, 2382, 2377, 2372.

He is now working as a Solar Pv Installer & we have looked into Vetasses/TRA requirements & feel that prehaps he isnt suitable to emigrate? Is it worth him obtaining AM2, as I understand some of these subjects are covered. Or give up on our dreams?

Any advice etc would be brilliant

Many thanks in advance :sad:

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