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Pom on the move

Scarborough, double view, yokine?? good/bad? info please

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Hi all


My Husband & I are making the move down under we will be our there within 6 months.


We would love any info on Scarborough, Double view (coastal) and Yokine (inland). Looking to rent $400 budget, (looked on a few retail websites so know this is possible)


We have 2 young children 4 & 2 so would be looking for a good primary school if anyone has any ideas.


Also trying to work out a budget for household utilities costs.


Any help is much appreciated. Thank you

Live the Life in Perth

An informative website for those moving to Perth.

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I would also like to know , as Yokine is a possibility. I have try to find all the info that I can online and Perth seem to have shady areas scattered around.


Yokine seem to be nice, but can't find much info on it though.

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