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NZ Citizen Family Relationship - 461

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Hi Guys


Firstly, wow what a great site!!!


We are new to this site and have kicked off our plan to move as a family to Oz.


Wife is a Kiwi and I am British and we really fancy moving to Oz from the UK. Melbourne is target city but we will go where the work is.... We also have our 2 year old daughter as well.


We are looking at applying for me on 461 which allows me 5 years as a temporary resident and to work.


However, it all looks a bit suspiciously simple; especially the processing time 2 months - has anyone on here come to Oz on this visa? Are there any pitfalls?


Also anyone on here who works in Purchasing/ Procurement and made the move. I would love to hear your experiences.


As Newbies - please be gentle....



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