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Changing my entrance date on a subclass 461

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My partner and i are applying for the subclass 461 visa as she is Kiwi and I'm from the UK. Im currently studying and finish my course in june this year. we were originally planning on putting on our application form that we intend to enter australia in jan 2012, however we may have the option to leave in August this year instead as our saving is going very well.


Does anyone know if the exact date you put on your application is the date in which immigration grant you entry into australia or do they issue you with the visa and give you a year to enter the country meaning the beggining of your visa will actually start the day you enter?


We arent sure as to how they go about entry dates with this visa, i have been on the working holiday visa before and they just grant you a years space in which toenter the country.


Can anyone help?

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Guest paulintrigg

I'm on that visa and it started the day I got it put in my passport regardless of the proposed entry date I put on the application form. Incidentally, I was on Holiday in Thailand when it was granted and I had to collect it from the Australian Embassy in Bangkok!

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