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UK Police Officer wanting career change- Canberra

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I am currently a Police Officer in the UK. Myself and Family are currently in the throws of applying for a 176 Visa :wacko:.


As this would be a fresh start for us I am interested in making it a clean break for myself and changing career completely. But..... as it was such a longtime since I worked outside of the public sector ( 15 Years), my skills in the outside world I would imagine are not much use.....or am I wrong on this????.


My question to you Guys out there is:


Does anybody have any knowledge of what Job opportunities are out there for someone like me in Canberra e.g. Security etc, goverment depts??


I am pretty much open to anything and wouldn't be averse to using my knowledge and experience.

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OK, for starters you wouldnt be able to be a policeman in Canberra. The local police force is the AFP (Australian Federal Police) and to get in you need to be a citizen so that will be a non starter for at least 4 years for you. (You could join the NSW police force though if you had a mind to do so but then would not necessarily be posted anywhere near Canberra which could be a problem!!!)


Similarly with any job in the Australian Federal Public Service you are going to need to be a citizen. You only need permanent residence for ACT public service jobs ACT Government Jobs - All Vacant Jobs


There are a load of security officers around the place and it doesnt seem all that difficult to get into the field but not sure that it pays terribly well and you would probably need a cert ii at least. Google will show you a load of possible providers act security training canberra security guard licence courses security training courses nsw act australia safecity site map are a couple that pop up. I have a friend whose husband does security work and AFAIK he had no qualifications before he started, I dont think it is very well paid though!

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