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Motorbike Licences?!?!

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I am considering getting a lil moped to get to and from the train station when i arrive but i dont have a bike licence in the UK so will be starting from scratch!



I have looked at the NSW RTA website but am totally confused! Nothing in Australia seems to be straightforward! From what i have read i think I need to do the following?? Does this sound right?



1. Pass a Motorcycle Riding Scheme ($78) to get the pre-learner licence (valid for 12-mths).


2. After 3-mths pass the pre-provisional course ($117) to get the provisional licence (P1)


3. After 12-mths I can apply for a full licence (as I am over 25 and will have a full Australian driving licence)



Now I cant find a separate bike licence on the fees section so would it just go on my Australian Driving Licence like it is in the UK? If so would i need to apply for an updated licence each time I pass a different stage?

24/12/2010 - 457 approved 20/02/2011 - Arrived in Sydney 03/05/2012 - 175 lodged (no agent) 09/06/2012 - Case Officer assigned 23/07/2012 - Meds & Police Checks finalised 24/07/2012 - Visa Pre-approved.....wahoo!!!!

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