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About the cut off age

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Hi Everyone

I have been on this site a few times before taking the decision to move Down Under, We have decided before we go ahead with the CPV as we have a Daughter in Perth there is a few questions if anyone would be kind enough to reply. I recently saw on a website that Australia is moving the cut off age from 45 to 49, also i am an auxiliary Nurse and have been told that this is the equivalent to an enrolled Nurse in Australia but you have to have an SVQ level3 in caring. If that was the case i could sit my SVQ 3 and apply to Australia for a skilled visa to immigrate instead of paying the enormous fee's that you have to pay for a CPV. Could anyone shine a bit of light on this for me.

I am 47 yr young

Many thanks in advance.

progress.gif :chatterbox:

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Guest VickyMel



Take a look at this - it give info about draft proposal for the new points system (I don't think it is set in stone yet - but haven't really been following it).

Although they are proposing to increase the age to 49/50 the ability to get sufficient points a tthis age is going to be difficult - they have changed the points system a bit as well.


Could you also look at employer sponsorship as a Visa option - nurses seem to be in demand.


Good luck


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