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Employers pulled out of 457 at last minute :(

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Hi Everyone!


Long time post reader-first time poster! I need some help!


Here is my story- had an aussie partner of 3 years, moved out to Aus to live with him in Nov 2009. Nov 2010 we split up. I had been on a working holiday visa and we were applying for our de-facto. Of course, not happening now!


My employers were desperate to keep me so I started working on an Employer Sponsored 457 visa with them. Got rejected first time around as we didn't know about the wage threshold. Decided to try a second application- but had to leave the country as I'd been rejected once. So I also got myself an immigration lawyer so that there could be no more blips in the process.


As you can imagine, I've spent thousands of $ on my last minute xmas time flights and my Immigration Lawyer. On Wednesday my employers emailed me saying that it wasn't going to be possible anymore - they can't afford me with the QLD flood disaster and bad economy.


I am now left in a situation of having a whole life there in Brisbane, but no way to be there and work :(


Please, please, please, does anyone have any advice??


Thanks for reading guys,



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Guest cazbob

Not sure if I can help - just bumping this up for you.


Sorry to hear that things fell through :hug:


Does your immigration lawyer have any advice on the situation?

Can you find another employer? - surely if your original employer was desperate to keep you initially then you're good at what you do, have experience and could get a good reference?

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Hey, thanks for reply.


Yes I am good at what I do- but it's quite a niche market. I'm not sure how likely it is I can find further employers when they have no experience of me working with them. I will have good ref's from my previous employers.


Heading back to Auz in the next week or so to pack up my things. If anyone knows of any companies that need a great photographer/photo editor with a bit of a graphic design background, I'm ya gal!!


Lawyer said I could also qualify for a training style position, but where I was working I was the only photographer, so it wouldn't be a training roll.

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Guest guest36187

I think this is the time for you to look outside the box. Dont worry so much about what you wanna do but as you are so desperate to get here. Take what work you can get!

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Yes, to be honest I will take almost anything! But I was under the presumption that I'll have to opt for something I'm qualified in??


Been looking into student visas too, but just can't afford the fees :(


Are there any sort of training on job type things that would qualify me in something permanent-visa worthy??



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