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Guest Sparticus

Do you only need a DEFRA Export Permit if exporting from UK?

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Guest Sparticus

I was looking through this forum and someone mentioned a DEFRA permit to export dogs.

I already have my aqis permit for my dog but have never come across this DEFRA permit anywhere.:confused:

We are living in Greece and exporting my little buster (sad eh!) from here so was wondering if it was only required in UK?

Does anyone know? We are getting buster his 30 days prior to export vaccinations very soon as are looking to move end of feb.

thanks anyone who knows anything!

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I think the DEFRA Export Health Certificate is a UK specific thing and identical to the AQIS Vet Certificates you get with the AQIS Import Permit. The DEFRA Export Health Certificate was developed in consultation with AQIS so provides the same certification and replaces the need to fill in their AQIS Vet Certificates.


I doubt Greece have anything similiar so imagine you will HAVE to complete the AQIS Vet Certificates. My friend has just sent her dog over from Canada and they didn't have anything like our DEFRA form so HAD to complete the AQIS Vet Certificates.



Might be worth double checking with the DEFRA Team.



CatandDogExports.Carlisle@animalhealth.gsi.gov.uk / 01228 403600



Hope this helps. Good luck.

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