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HealthCare and Pregnancy Problems

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I am new here so Hi to everyone.


Moving over with my husband who is an aussie citizen. We are currently trying for a baby, and having the issue with it taking too long. We need to know what the deal is with aussie healthcare in regards to getting fertility tests and possible IVF if required.


Am I as a non citizen entitled to these on the healthcare service (like i would on the NHS?) do I have to be in the country for a period of time first?


We really want to move over at the earliest opportunity but if it means that we have to delay the medical checks for another year or however long, then we will wait it out here and come when we can.


Any help is appreciated.





309 Visa Recieved at AH 26/7/12- Money Taken --- 31/7/12 CO (JC) Allocated Meds/PCC Requested ---- Wait declared as 6-8 months.

VISA GRANTED 22/2/2013 - Planned moving date June sometime,

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You will be entitled to medicare if you are on either

Partner permanent visa (subclass 100) or

Partner temporary visa (subclass 309)

Your hubby will know what medicare is about more than me, i'm British but I myself am married to an Aussie and I fell pregnant in Australia and had a scan etc out there which we had to pay so much toward as I didnt apply for a medicare card which you have to do once you get there.

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To be honest I am not really sure what you would be entitled too, although you are not a citizen are you a permanant resident? If you are then you will be entitled to the same as citizens, if you are not a pr then I think you are only entitled to urgent necessary treatment under the reciprocal agreement. I don't think medicare offers as much as the NHS does for fertility. (Although I don't know for sure) You could always start the ball rolling in the uk, it may be something really simple that does not require IVF. I hope someone will come on here and be able to give you more definite info. Wishing you all the best.

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My friend who is an aussie went through lots of IVF attempts and I know it cost them lots of money to do it, so much that they had to give up after many attempts of not working.


All the best

"If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you'll never enjoy the sunshine"



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Guest smileykylie

IVF is mainly private here in Australia although some major cities have hospitals that have clinics which are cheaper but not free (as far as I am aware) and as with most things will be different in each state.


IVF rebates are availabe to those who are entitled to medicare. Most clinics charge around $7000 (give or take) per IVF cycle - not including private hospital fees for egg collection but if you have private health these are covered. From a $7000 cycle you get approx $5000 back from medicare - you will be $2-4000 out of pocket depending on your private health care status.


If you need any specific info re IVF - give me a PM.

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perhaps it may be wise to get private health insurance before a diagnosis for infertility is made, that way you don't have to declare pre-existing health problems. It is a tricky one, how desperate are you guys to make the move to australia? At least the NHS does offer some free cycles of IVF.

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If you go over as a temporary resident you may be eligible for Medicare.

If you go as a permanent resident, you will be eligible for Medicare.


Whilst IVF is expensive, it is subsidised by Medicare. The rate depends on how many attempts you require, the medication and tests you'll need as well as who you go through.


Westmead IVF has a very good IVF program and is bulk billed. i.e. What Medicare will pay is automatically deducted from your bill and you only pay the difference, approximately 20% is what you pay of the fees.


i.e. A friend's IVF adventure at Westmead IVF in Sydney cost AUD 8,000 but was only AUD 2,000 out of pocket.


Sydney IVF is a very good facility however it is more expensive and does not attract as high a rebate.


What I really suggest is getting as much information as possible.


Which visa will you have if you go to Australia? Dependant on how long you have been married, you will either get a temporary or permanent visa (if you've been married 5 years or longer you get permanent if applicable).


Google Medicare - it's the public medical system which in my opinion is quite good. If you have a pre-existing health condition, you can apply for Private Medical Cover however there will be a 12 month waiting period for some of them.


Check our Westmead IVF and Sydney IVF for example for further information (assuming you'll be settling in Sydney). I am currently looking at both of them for my personal future IVF journey.


Save. It's never too early to start saving money. Create a separate account where you put your savings.


And I'd say be a bit realistic. Don't try IVF off the bat when you arrive in Australia. Give yourself time to settle. IVF medicines will likely play havoc with your emotions (hormonally) so allow yourself the time to be settled.


Good luck! Everything WILL go fine, just have a little faith. :-)

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